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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
Our range of massage techniques encompasses various forms of massage therapy. Our highly skilled massage therapists customize each session to effectively address your specific requirements.
Clinical Massage
A structured and targeted massage method that elongates and strengthens tissues, disrupting the cycle of muscle spasms and discomfort. This therapy is directed at muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints, connective tissue, and even organs. Deep tissue massage is particularly beneficial for alleviating muscle soreness caused by excessive exercise, stress, or injury.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
Athletic Massage

Athletic Massage
Geared towards athletes of all levels, from professional athletes to weekend enthusiasts, athletic massage concentrates on areas of the body subjected to repetitive and often intense movements. One of its primary advantages is its ability to focus on muscle-tendon junctions.
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage employs gentle, flowing strokes, kneading, and circular motions. It is the most commonly requested massage style and has been demonstrated to be effective in reducing pain and joint stiffness. This technique is especially helpful for individuals dealing with muscle stiffness caused by stress, chronic ailments, or injuries. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, enhances circulation, and alleviates muscle tension.

Elderly Massage
Tailored to the specific needs of the elderly, geriatric massage employs gentle, hands-on therapy to enhance circulation, alleviate discomfort, and expand the range of motion. It can also alleviate anxiety and depression, providing comfort to the elderly population through touch.
Orthopedic & Neuromuscular Therapy
NMT involves a series of treatment protocols that diverge from general massage practices. It is designed with specific objectives from the outset, including postural assessments, photographic documentation, long-term planning, and post-treatment guidance. Your initial consultation forms the foundation for crafting a Neuromuscular Therapy treatment plan.

Ease Muscle Tension
Youth Athletic Massage

Youth Athletic Massage, Ages 8-17
For young individuals, sports massage can be an effective form of injury rehabilitation and prevention. It aids in reducing recovery time between activities, boosting endurance, and overall performance. At our facility, we prioritize your child’s well-being, offering therapeutic massages to alleviate muscle tension, enhance flexibility, improve circulation, and get them back in the game.
Youth Relaxation Massage, Ages 8-17
Much like adults, children face daily stressors, including school, admissions testing, and more. Step by Step Massage can help alleviate their stress and enhance their performance with our Youth Relaxation Massage service. Massage therapy reduces stress hormone levels, reducing anxiety and improving immune function. We employ therapeutic massage techniques to release tension, induce relaxation, and promote a sense of well-being.

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Robert “Sasquatch” V.
Robert “Sasquatch” V.
I went in for my first shockwave treatment for my arthritic knees and neuropathy in my feet. The doctor treated my knees and calves, and wow you know when it hits a Hotspot. I was sceptical if this would work or not, well 5 hours later, my knees do not hurt and I can feel the texture of the carpet. It is amazing, and can not wait to see what other treatments can bring back. The office and staff where very nice and the area very clean. Go take advantage and try there special.
Tiffany McFarlane
Tiffany McFarlane
The staff is welcoming. The office is comforting and Dr. Goodman’s expertise, tools and techniques are just want I was needing. I have found my forever Chiropractor! ☺️
Aneta Bowzer
Aneta Bowzer
Great place doc Goodwin kmows her stuff
Steven Shaffer
Steven Shaffer
Very friendly staff, knowledgeable doctor and my appointment ran on time.
Kane Whitehurst
Kane Whitehurst
I just started with Dr. Goodman and she has been amazing so far. She takes her time, listens to her patients, and is very thorough throughout the whole process. I am excited to continue to work with her to get to feeling better, and after one session I already am.


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