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Atlas Orthogonal

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Dr. Ashley Goodman attended Life University for her Doctorate in Chiropractic and then went on to pursue a board certification in the Atlas Orthogonal technique from the Sweat Institute in Atlanta, GA. The Atlas Orthogonal specialization is obtained after numerous additional hours of study of the cervical spine and the use of an advanced scientific instrument program to make precise and delicate adjustments to the atlas vertebra in the cervical spine.

What is Atlas Orthogonal?

The atlas is the top vertebra of the neck and spine.  If you think of your spine as a chain, the atlas is the first link.  When it is perfectly straight, at a 90 degree angle (orthogonal) with the spine, then the “chain” of vertebrae follow accordingly and allow for optimal functioning of the nervous system in the body, which is vital for good health and for healing.  However, if the top link of the chain is twisted or askew, then the rest of the links will be strained.  

An atlas that is not aligned will cause the head to tilt and the spine to shift.

Misalignment causes the essential nerves coming from the spine going out to all of the muscles, organs, and extremities to be, in a sense, short-circuited. This can lead to an array of symptoms and conditions such as:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Vertigo                       
  • Dizziness
  • Back pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Reduced / painful rotation of the neck
  • Muscle tension / tenderness
  • Degeneration of vertebrae, discs, and disc spaces

How does the Atlas Orthogonal Treatment Work?

The goal of the Atlas Orthogonal treatment is to return the atlas to its 90 degree alignment with the spine. Since the atlas sits just under the skull, it is very difficult for chiropractors to make a proper adjustment with their hands. In addition, manual adjusting can result in variable thrust, angle, and speed, which can sometimes unintentionally be too much force for the delicate cervical muscles, ligaments, tendons, and vertebrae, especially if the patient has a history of degeneration, surgery, trauma or other sensitivity.

By using a precise and delicate instrument, it is possible to safely and gently adjust the atlas vertebra. For many patients, whose cervical vertebrae are very fragile, injured, or compromised, this may be the only avenue of relief and restoration of health, and it does not involve drugs or surgery!

To prepare for the treatment, the doctor examines the patient’s X-rays taken at the clinic and makes detailed measurements and calculations to be used when adjusting the patient’s atlas with the adjusting machine.

The doctor places the tip of the adjusting stylus just below the patient’s earlobe on the side of the neck. The adjusting instrument delivers a high-speed, very low impact pulse to the contact point on the skin which is just enough to gently adjust the atlas. A clicking sound can be heard, but the patient feels almost nothing. In that moment, the atlas adjustment is complete. During this session, the doctor also works on relaxing muscles and activating the rest of the spine with other gentle, healing modalities such as the Flexion-distraction technique, Activator methods, and Arthrostim.

From this adjustment of the atlas, the vertebrae of the spine will begin to align, like the links of a chain and allow the nervous system to flow freely and restore the body’s ability to heal itself and to thrive.

The process of bringing the spine back to its normal condition often requires the retraining of those muscles and ligaments which have become weakened and stretched over long periods of time. The retraining process begins with the first adjustment and generally requires a series of carefully planned treatments to fully achieve permanent correction.

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Robert “Sasquatch” V.
Robert “Sasquatch” V.
I went in for my first shockwave treatment for my arthritic knees and neuropathy in my feet. The doctor treated my knees and calves, and wow you know when it hits a Hotspot. I was sceptical if this would work or not, well 5 hours later, my knees do not hurt and I can feel the texture of the carpet. It is amazing, and can not wait to see what other treatments can bring back. The office and staff where very nice and the area very clean. Go take advantage and try there special.
Tiffany McFarlane
Tiffany McFarlane
The staff is welcoming. The office is comforting and Dr. Goodman’s expertise, tools and techniques are just want I was needing. I have found my forever Chiropractor! ☺️
Aneta Bowzer
Aneta Bowzer
Great place doc Goodwin kmows her stuff
Steven Shaffer
Steven Shaffer
Very friendly staff, knowledgeable doctor and my appointment ran on time.
Kane Whitehurst
Kane Whitehurst
I just started with Dr. Goodman and she has been amazing so far. She takes her time, listens to her patients, and is very thorough throughout the whole process. I am excited to continue to work with her to get to feeling better, and after one session I already am.